People of VIA: Silvany

What makes the people so special? 

Take our staff, for instance, they’ve learned how to wield fire! How cool is that?
This is our monthly segment, Humans of VIA. Perfectly imperfect.  Unique yet related. Simple yet complex. A delicious slice of our life!

Silvany – Store Manager Brederoplein 

Memories can help shape us. They can be a powerful link to family, friendship, culture and tradition. For Silvany, these memory-moments serve as a window to her past and a doorway to her future.  As surrealist and film-maker Luis Buñuel once wrote, “Our memory is our coherence.”

Silvany’s journey began in Zoetermeer, a municipality in the province of Zuid-Holland, next to The Hague. After graduating from high-school, Silvany went on to study Theatre, Movies and Television Science at the University of Utrecht. Her studies focused on how cinema and television programs are created and organized and the function of storytelling in modern society. 

So, it’s no surprise that when it was time for Silvany to find a job while in university, it was a story from her past that guided her in VIA’s direction. 
One of her most precious childhood memories is helping her father cook for the family – which in this case was comprised of three sisters, two brothers and her mother – no easy task! 
Searching for a job in a social environment where she could practice her skills eventually led to an application at VIA Voorstraat (three years ago). She got the job and soon after started working her first hours in what was now her new home….Utrecht! She describes her first weeks as: “Very hectic but most of all, loads of fun! With the guidance from leading lady Vanessa we managed to cope. I still feel proud when I think of it.”  

At that time, VIA was a hidden gem within the city. Thanks to all the efforts of the team, VIA has now become a staple, contributing to the flourishing hospitality scene in Utrecht. This gave rise to the opening of our third restaurant last month – led by none other than…Silvany! 
With her new position as Store Manager, Silvany hopes to build new memories with colleagues and VIA’s ever expanding devotees.