People of VIA: Francesco

Today, we kick-off our monthly segment, People of VIA. Perfectly imperfect.  Unique yet related. Simple yet complex. A delicious slice of our life!

First up – Francesco – Store Manager at the Leliegracht, Amsterdam.

You’re probably familiar with the saying ‘good things come in small packages’ –  Francesco (age 24) is the exception to that rule! Big and masculine on the outside, likability-factor of a baby seal on the inside.

The contradictions with Francesco do not stop there, to be sure. Born and raised near San Benedetto on the east coast of Italy, Francesco studied geometria (geometry) yet decided to find a job near the water – quickly procuring a position as a deck member on a fishing boat. This position, as he describes it, “made me very rapidly transcend from a boy to a man.” His hard work was soon rewarded with a promotion to Captain, but not certain this was the life for him, Francesco declined. Going back to his first love, geometry, he found a job in finance but with a lack of upward mobility decided it was time for a bigger world, with more options. Not limited by boundaries or language, Francesco headed for Amsterdam! One day, wandering through the canals, he spotted a place that reminded him of home, a wood-oven pizzeria. Francesco boldly walked in to VIA, Leliegracht, and asked for a job. Something about the tone in his voice convinced the manager, who replied, “you can start tomorrow.”

Thanks to his extremely strong work ethic and continued enthusiasm, he quickly worked his way up to store manager. Francesco brings many worlds together at the Leliegracht. The clean lines and shapes of geometry in contrast with the artistry and creativity of a hand-made pizza, no one the same. A passion for food and the job coupled with a love of culture and people, make him a perfect example of what VIA is all about. Lucky for us, he is here to stay!