People of VIA: Vanessa

What makes VIA so special? The people, no question about it.

What makes the people so special? Take our staff, for instance, they’ve learned how to wield fire! How cool is that?
This is our monthly segment, Humans of VIA. Perfectly imperfect.  Unique yet related. Simple yet complex. A delicious slice of our life!

Vanessa – Quality Manager Utrecht. 

The story of Vanessa (29 years) is a story of travel, adventure and the sublime moments we experience that fuse together, to make us what we are and what we will be.
Vanessa’s story begins in La Spezia, Italy. At the age of four, her parents decided to move to Scotland in pursuit of prosperity. They found success in the form of a family owned pizzeria. Vanessa, however, still felt a strong pull towards Italy, hoping to one day return to her birthplace.

Scotland never really felt like home and with the adventurous spirit instilled in her from her parents, Vanessa decided it was time to break out of her shell. She applied and was accepted into the Erasmus Exchange Program, majoring in Interior Design, at the School of Art, in Utrecht. Vanessa was immediately captivated, not just with Utrecht – but also, with a boy. Filled with love and joy, moving to Utrecht was now inevitable.

Finding a job as an interior designer turned out to be harder than anticipated. By mere chance she stumbled upon an opening for VIA’s first restaurant in Utrecht, at the Twijnstraat. It read, “Da portare VIA is searching for a Pizzaiola.” Growing up in a pizzeria, Vanessa has been making pizzas since she could stand, so she immediately applied for the position. 

Within the first few months the owners noticed her potential. Not long afterwards she was promoted to Store Manager and the Twijnstraat turned out to be a huge success! Vanessa quickly took VIA’s second location in Utrecht, the Voorstraat, under her wing.

What does she love about her job? The pizzas (which are the absolute best), her co-workers and of course, sharing this experience with her restaurants’ guests. In her own words, “the feeling you get from making people happy with good pizza is priceless.”