Only the very best products outside the world of pizza make it onto our menu.

Le Ferre

Only the very best olives and hard work make for an excellent oil. Le Ferre extra virgin olive oil is made from olives from the Italian region of Castellaneta where it’s produced by true artisans. It is a rich, transparent oil, with aromas of green grass and artichokes.


At Grapedistrict they share our love for quality. And they sure know how to pair wine and pizza! Out of all the possible wine regions and different grape varieties, they know exactly which ones suit our pizzas best. Talking about craftmanship.

San Pellegrino

At da portare VIA we serve San Pellegrino, an icon of good taste and Italian lifestyle. San Pellegrino is more than only a sparkling natural mineral water. Together with its equally excellent counterpart Acqua Panna, San Pellegrino transforms any meal into a new and enjoyable dining experience.

Dibufa Buffel Mozzarella

At da portare VIA we want to use the best Buffel Mozzarella available. Our search for the best Buffel Mozzarella brought us to a Dutch cheese maker in Venlo (Limburg). Tebben Cheese Venlo started in 2014 with the production of real Buffel Mozzarella made from original Buffalo Milk from two Buffel Farms also out of Limburg. The Dibufa Buffel Mozzarella is an all naturel high quality product without additives and preservatives. The Mozzarella has a beautiful texture and rich taste.

Fish Tales

At Fish Tales the joy of eating seafood and care for the future go hand in hand. Their canned tuna is considered to be the most sustainable in the Netherlands, just like their delicious anchovies. By working together with this Dutch seafood brand we can guarantee that only the best seafood ends up on your pizza.